Client / Server

We are a virtual in-house IT department, providing fast-response service to your business’s everyday needs as well as planned implementations. We design systems for all types of client/server models such as on-premises hardware, off-site hardware, and hosted solutions, and provide advice to all IT related business needs. We offer maintenance agreements that assure you have an efficient, usable system that is safe, backed up, and up-to-date.

Our experience allows us to offer insight and guidance on IT and security strategy, and purchasing decisions, acting as an external CTO for your business.

Networks & Infrastructure

We provide network solutions working with all types and topologies such as equipment in datacentres, on premises networks site-to-site VPN infrastructure, cloud solutions, terminal environments and other remote access needs.

We're highly experienced at assisting with acquiring the best possible service plans for your business. We partner with Aussie Broadband as well as working with Telstra and TPG to ensure the best quality and uptime for your critical services.

Disaster Recovery

We offer on-site and cloud backup solutions, using best-on-market services to ensure your critical data is always both safe and secure. Having a backup is one type of disaster recovery, but what if you have one server and it ceases to function? A backup needs to be restored onto another server, or at least a machine that can handle its workload. Many businesses fail to have a solution in place that prepares for hardware failure, theft, fire, flood, natural disaster, etc.
Whether it’s a redundant system (another machine capable of restoring service immediately), or a remote backup (the cloud), we provide it.

Web & Hosting Services

We offer basic DNS hosting or full website and database hosting with servers located in Australia for a low latency, high response experience for your users.

But it's not just websites, we offer diverse hosting services encompassing standalone databases, exchange email, storage and cloud infrastructure, alongside physical and virtual servers. Hosting your services externally not only conserves valuable office space but also alleviates onsite maintenance, security, and associated costs. Streamline your local network infrastructure and reduce complexity by leveraging our hosting solutions.

VoIP Services

There are many benefits to VoIP that a conventional phone system cannot provide without significant complexity. Running costs are a huge benefit from going to VoIP as the rental of a VoIP service is a mere fraction of the cost of physical lines and ISDN. VoIP is also highly configurable and reportable. Call centres, conferencing, automation are just some of the key benefits of VoIP, that are easily deployable and configurable.

We partner with providers like mVoice to supply both self-hosted and cloud-hosted voice services. We also leverage Microsoft Teams to act as a phone service for your business, helping to furthersimplify and centralize your communications.


Needing some alterations or additions to your database? Need better reporting from your financial system? We work with all types of databases and have a strong knowledge base in SAP, Nav and other top ERP solutions. We also provide integration that can work your existing systems and anything else you wish to move forward with.

CodeTwo Reseller

We're proud to offer CodeTwo products directly to our clients. CodeTwo helps improve on-premises and office365 exchange experiences including migration, backup and recovery and automated email signature services that can be integrated seemlessly and rapidly into any environment.

Contact us today for a free trial of any of their premium products.
The Hardware and Backbone.

Our Infrastructure

Virtutech runs its own hardware in Australia's Most Advanced datacentre, the NextDC M1, located in Melbourne, Victoria.
This enables us access to premium bandwidth and redundancy to ensure performance and availability even through natural disasters and black outs.

Read More about the M1 and see for yourself why we are so proud to be a part of such rock solid infrastructure.


The M1 is the most advanced datacentre in Australia boasting a full 400kW solar panel array making it the first of it's kind in Asia Pacific.


Even with clearance to enter the facility, the servers are further locked down into halls, aisles and racks to prevent cross tampering.


Blackout? Not a chance. The facility is fully backed by UPS Arrays and Generators to ensure high availability and uptime even during the apocolypse.